Test list BTC vs BCHN

Nr Type Title Layer Owner BTC BCHN
1 :gear: BIP Purpose and Guidelines Amir Taaki :yellow_square:
2 :gear: BIP process, revised Luke Dashjr :green_square:
8 :open_book: Version bits with lock-in by height Shaolin Fry, Luke Dashjr :white_large_square:
9 :open_book: Version bits with timeout and delay Pieter Wuille, Peter Todd, Greg Maxwell, Rusty Russell :green_square: :black_large_square:
10 :open_book: Multi-Sig Transaction Distribution :desktop_computer: Alan Reiner :purple_square:
11 :shield: M-of-N Standard Transactions :desktop_computer: Gavin Andresen :green_square: :green_square:
12 :shield: OP_EVAL :ledger: Gavin Andresen :purple_square:
13 :shield: Address Format for pay-to-script-hash :desktop_computer: Gavin Andresen :green_square: :green_square:
14 :shield: Protocol Version and User Agent :satellite: Amir Taaki, Patrick Strateman :green_square: :green_square:
15 :shield: Aliases :desktop_computer: Amir Taaki :orange_square:
16 :shield: Pay to Script Hash :ledger: Gavin Andresen :green_square: :green_square:
17 :shield: OP_CHECKHASHVERIFY (CHV) :ledger: Luke Dashjr :purple_square:
18 :shield: hashScriptCheck :ledger: Luke Dashjr :blue_square:
19 :shield: M-of-N Standard Transactions (Low SigOp) :desktop_computer: Luke Dashjr :red_square:
20 :shield: URI Scheme :desktop_computer: Luke Dashjr :yellow_square:
21 :shield: URI Scheme :desktop_computer: Nils Schneider, Matt Corallo :green_square: :green_square:
22 :shield: getblocktemplate - Fundamentals :phone: Luke Dashjr :green_square: :green_square:
23 :shield: getblocktemplate - Pooled Mining :phone: Luke Dashjr :green_square: :green_square:
30 :shield: Duplicate transactions :ledger: Pieter Wuille :green_square: :green_square:
31 :shield: Pong message :satellite: Mike Hearn :green_square: :green_square:
32 :open_book: Hierarchical Deterministic Wallets :desktop_computer: Pieter Wuille :green_square: :green_square:
33 :shield: Stratized Nodes :satellite: Amir Taaki :red_square:
34 :shield: Block v2, Height in Coinbase :ledger: Gavin Andresen :green_square: :green_square:
35 :shield: mempool message :satellite: Jeff Garzik :green_square: :green_square:
36 :shield: Custom Services :satellite: Stefan Thomas :red_square:
37 :shield: Connection Bloom filtering :satellite: Mike Hearn, Matt Corallo :green_square: :green_square:
38 :shield: Passphrase-protected private key :desktop_computer: Mike Caldwell, Aaron Voisine :white_large_square:
39 :shield: Mnemonic code for generating deterministic keys :desktop_computer: Marek Palatinus, Pavol Rusnak, Aaron Voisine, Sean Bowe :blue_square:
40 :shield: Stratum wire protocol :phone: Marek Palatinus
41 :shield: Stratum mining protocol :phone: Marek Palatinus
42 :shield: A finite monetary supply for Bitcoin :ledger: Pieter Wuille :green_square: :green_square:
43 :open_book: Purpose Field for Deterministic Wallets :desktop_computer: Marek Palatinus, Pavol Rusnak :green_square:
44 :shield: Multi-Account Hierarchy for Deterministic Wallets :desktop_computer: Marek Palatinus, Pavol Rusnak :blue_square:
45 :shield: Structure for Deterministic P2SH Multisignature Wallets :desktop_computer: Manuel Araoz, Ryan X. Charles, Matias Alejo Garcia :blue_square:
47 :open_book: Reusable Payment Codes for Hierarchical Deterministic Wallets :desktop_computer: Justus Ranvier :white_large_square:
49 :open_book: Derivation scheme for P2WPKH-nested-in-P2SH based accounts :desktop_computer: Daniel Weigl :green_square:
50 :open_book: March 2013 Chain Fork Post-Mortem Gavin Andresen :green_square:
60 :shield: Fixed Length “version” Message (Relay-Transactions Field) :satellite: Amir Taaki :white_large_square:
61 :shield: Reject P2P message :satellite: Gavin Andresen :green_square: :green_square:
62 :shield: Dealing with malleability :ledger: Pieter Wuille :purple_square: :black_large_square:
63 :shield: Stealth Addresses :desktop_computer: Peter Todd
64 :shield: getutxo message :satellite: Mike Hearn :black_large_square:
65 :shield: OP_CHECKLOCKTIMEVERIFY :ledger: Peter Todd :green_square: :green_square:
66 :shield: Strict DER signatures :ledger: Pieter Wuille :green_square: :green_square:
67 :shield: Deterministic Pay-to-script-hash multi-signature addresses through public key sorting :desktop_computer: Thomas Kerin, Jean-Pierre Rupp, Ruben de Vries :blue_square:
68 :shield: Relative lock-time using consensus-enforced sequence numbers :ledger: Mark Friedenbach, BtcDrak, Nicolas Dorier, kinoshitajona :green_square: :green_square:
69 :open_book: Lexicographical Indexing of Transaction Inputs and Outputs :desktop_computer: Kristov Atlas :blue_square:
70 :shield: Payment Protocol :desktop_computer: Gavin Andresen, Mike Hearn :green_square: :green_square:
71 :shield: Payment Protocol MIME types :desktop_computer: Gavin Andresen :green_square: :green_square:
72 :shield: bitcoin: uri extensions for Payment Protocol :desktop_computer: Gavin Andresen :green_square: :green_square:
73 :shield: Use “Accept” header for response type negotiation with Payment Request URLs :desktop_computer: Stephen Pair :green_square:
74 :shield: Allow zero value OP_RETURN in Payment Protocol :desktop_computer: Toby Padilla :red_square:
75 :shield: Out of Band Address Exchange using Payment Protocol Encryption :desktop_computer: Justin Newton, Matt David, Aaron Voisine, James MacWhyte :green_square:
78 :shield: A Simple Payjoin Proposal :desktop_computer: Nicolas Dorier :white_large_square:
79 :open_book: Bustapay :: a practical coinjoin protocol :desktop_computer: Ryan Havar :yellow_square:
80 :open_book: Hierarchy for Non-Colored Voting Pool Deterministic Multisig Wallets Justus Ranvier, Jimmy Song :orange_square:
81 :open_book: Hierarchy for Colored Voting Pool Deterministic Multisig Wallets Justus Ranvier, Jimmy Song :orange_square:
83 :shield: Dynamic Hierarchical Deterministic Key Trees :desktop_computer: Eric Lombrozo :red_square:
84 :open_book: Derivation scheme for P2WPKH based accounts :desktop_computer: Pavol Rusnak :white_large_square:
85 :open_book: Deterministic Entropy From BIP32 Keychains :desktop_computer: Ethan Kosakovsky :white_large_square:
90 :open_book: Buried Deployments Suhas Daftuar :green_square: :green_square:
91 :shield: Reduced threshold Segwit MASF :ledger: James Hilliard :green_square:
98 :shield: Fast Merkle Trees :ledger: Mark Friedenbach, Kalle Alm, BtcDrak :white_large_square:
99 :open_book: Motivation and deployment of consensus rule changes ([soft/hard]forks) Jorge Timón :red_square:
100 :shield: Dynamic maximum block size by miner vote :ledger: Jeff Garzik, Tom Harding, Dagur Valberg Johannsson :red_square:
101 :shield: Increase maximum block size :ledger: Gavin Andresen :purple_square:
102 :shield: Block size increase to 2MB :ledger: Jeff Garzik :red_square:
103 :shield: Block size following technological growth :ledger: Pieter Wuille :purple_square:
104 :shield: Block75’ - Max block size like difficulty :ledger: t.khan :red_square:
105 :shield: Consensus based block size retargeting algorithm :ledger: BtcDrak :red_square:
106 :shield: Dynamically Controlled Bitcoin Block Size Max Cap :ledger: Upal Chakraborty :red_square:
107 :shield: Dynamic limit on the block size :ledger: Washington Y. Sanchez :red_square:
109 :shield: Two million byte size limit with sigop and sighash limits :ledger: Gavin Andresen :red_square:
111 :shield: NODE_BLOOM service bit :satellite: Matt Corallo, Peter Todd :blue_square: :green_square:
112 :shield: CHECKSEQUENCEVERIFY :ledger: BtcDrak, Mark Friedenbach, Eric Lombrozo :green_square: :green_square:
113 :shield: Median time-past as endpoint for lock-time calculations :ledger: Thomas Kerin, Mark Friedenbach :green_square: :green_square:
114 :shield: Merkelized Abstract Syntax Tree :ledger: Johnson Lau :red_square:
115 :shield: Generic anti-replay protection using Script :ledger: Luke Dashjr :red_square:
116 :shield: MERKLEBRANCHVERIFY :ledger: Mark Friedenbach, Kalle Alm, BtcDrak :white_large_square:
117 :shield: Tail Call Execution Semantics :ledger: Mark Friedenbach, Kalle Alm, BtcDrak :white_large_square:
118 :shield: SIGHASH_NOINPUT :ledger: Christian Decker :white_large_square:
119 :shield: CHECKTEMPLATEVERIFY :ledger: Jeremy Rubin :white_large_square:
120 :shield: Proof of Payment :desktop_computer: Kalle Rosenbaum :purple_square:
121 :shield: Proof of Payment URI scheme :desktop_computer: Kalle Rosenbaum :purple_square:
122 :shield: URI scheme for Blockchain references / exploration :desktop_computer: Marco Pontello :white_large_square:
123 :gear: BIP Classification Eric Lombrozo :green_square:
124 :open_book: Hierarchical Deterministic Script Templates :desktop_computer: Eric Lombrozo, William Swanson :red_square:
125 :shield: Opt-in Full Replace-by-Fee Signaling :desktop_computer: David A. Harding, Peter Todd :blue_square: :black_large_square:
126 :open_book: Best Practices for Heterogeneous Input Script Transactions Kristov Atlas :white_large_square:
127 :shield: Simple Proof-of-Reserves Transactions :desktop_computer: Steven Roose :white_large_square:
130 :shield: sendheaders message :satellite: Suhas Daftuar :blue_square: :green_square:
131 :shield: “Coalescing Transaction” Specification (wildcard inputs) :ledger: Chris Priest :red_square:
132 :gear: Committee-based BIP Acceptance Process Andy Chase :purple_square:
133 :shield: feefilter message :satellite: Alex Morcos :white_large_square: :green_square:
134 :shield: Flexible Transactions :ledger: Tom Zander :red_square:
135 :open_book: Generalized version bits voting Sancho Panza :red_square:
136 :open_book: Bech32 Encoded Tx Position References :desktop_computer: Велеслав, Jonas Schnelli, Daniel Pape :white_large_square:
137 :shield: Signatures of Messages using Private Keys :desktop_computer: Christopher Gilliard :green_square:
140 :shield: Normalized TXID :ledger: Christian Decker :red_square:
141 :shield: Segregated Witness (Consensus layer) :ledger: Eric Lombrozo, Johnson Lau, Pieter Wuille :green_square: :black_large_square:
142 :shield: Address Format for Segregated Witness :desktop_computer: Johnson Lau :purple_square:
143 :shield: Transaction Signature Verification for Version 0 Witness Program :ledger: Johnson Lau, Pieter Wuille :green_square: :black_large_square:
144 :shield: Segregated Witness (Peer Services) :satellite: Eric Lombrozo, Pieter Wuille :green_square: :black_large_square:
145 :shield: getblocktemplate Updates for Segregated Witness :phone: Luke Dashjr :green_square: :black_large_square:
146 :shield: Dealing with signature encoding malleability :ledger: Johnson Lau, Pieter Wuille :purple_square: :black_large_square:
147 :shield: Dealing with dummy stack element malleability :ledger: Johnson Lau :green_square: :black_large_square:
148 :shield: Mandatory activation of segwit deployment :ledger: Shaolin Fry :green_square:
149 :shield: Segregated Witness (second deployment) :ledger: Shaolin Fry :purple_square:
150 :shield: Peer Authentication :satellite: Jonas Schnelli :white_large_square:
151 :shield: Peer-to-Peer Communication Encryption :satellite: Jonas Schnelli :purple_square:
152 :shield: Compact Block Relay :satellite: Matt Corallo :green_square: :green_square:
154 :shield: Rate Limiting via peer specified challenges :satellite: Karl-Johan Alm :purple_square:
155 :shield: addrv2 message :satellite: Wladimir J. van der Laan :white_large_square:
156 :shield: Dandelion - Privacy Enhancing Routing :satellite: Brad Denby, Andrew Miller, Giulia Fanti, Surya Bakshi, Shaileshh Bojja Venkatakrishnan, Pramod Viswanath :red_square:
157 :shield: Client Side Block Filtering :satellite: Olaoluwa Osuntokun, Alex Akselrod, Jim Posen :white_large_square:
158 :shield: Compact Block Filters for Light Clients :satellite: Olaoluwa Osuntokun, Alex Akselrod :white_large_square: :green_square:
159 :shield: NODE_NETWORK_LIMITED service bit :satellite: Jonas Schnelli :white_large_square: :green_square:
171 :shield: Currency/exchange rate information API :desktop_computer: Luke Dashjr :red_square:
173 :open_book: Base32 address format for native v0-16 witness outputs :desktop_computer: Pieter Wuille, Greg Maxwell :green_square: :black_large_square:
174 :shield: Partially Signed Bitcoin Transaction Format :desktop_computer: Andrew Chow :green_square: :green_square:
175 :open_book: Pay to Contract Protocol :desktop_computer: Omar Shibli, Nicholas Gregory :red_square:
176 :open_book: Bits Denomination Jimmy Song :white_large_square:
178 :shield: Version Extended WIF :desktop_computer: Karl-Johan Alm :white_large_square:
179 :open_book: Name for payment recipient identifiers Emil Engler, MarcoFalke, Luke Dashjr :white_large_square:
180 :shield: Block size/weight fraud proof :satellite: Luke Dashjr :red_square:
197 :shield: Hashed Time-Locked Collateral Contract :desktop_computer: Matthew Black, Tony Cai :white_large_square:
199 :shield: Hashed Time-Locked Contract transactions :desktop_computer: Sean Bowe, Daira Hopwood :white_large_square:
300 :shield: Hashrate Escrows (Consensus layer) :ledger: Paul Sztorc, CryptAxe :white_large_square:
301 :shield: Blind Merged Mining (Consensus layer) :ledger: Paul Sztorc, CryptAxe :white_large_square:
310 :open_book: Stratum protocol extensions :desktop_computer: Pavel Moravec, Jan Čapek :white_large_square:
320 :shield: nVersion bits for general purpose use BtcDrak :white_large_square:
322 :shield: Generic Signed Message Format :desktop_computer: Karl-Johan Alm :white_large_square:
325 :shield: Signet :desktop_computer: Karl-Johan Alm, Anthony Towns :blue_square:
330 :shield: Transaction announcements reconciliation :satellite: Gleb Naumenko, Pieter Wuille :white_large_square:
338 :shield: Disable transaction relay message :satellite: Suhas Daftuar :white_large_square:
339 :shield: WTXID-based transaction relay :satellite: Suhas Daftuar :white_large_square:
340 :shield: Schnorr Signatures for secp256k1 Pieter Wuille, Jonas Nick, Tim Ruffing :white_large_square:
341 :shield: Taproot: SegWit version 1 spending rules :ledger: Pieter Wuille, Jonas Nick, Anthony Towns :white_large_square:
342 :shield: Validation of Taproot Scripts :ledger: Pieter Wuille, Jonas Nick, Anthony Towns :white_large_square:
350 :shield: Bech32m format for v1+ witness addresses :desktop_computer: Pieter Wuille :white_large_square:
370 :shield: PSBT Version 2 :desktop_computer: Andrew Chow :white_large_square: